Frequently Asked Questions

We offer an extensive range of toolboxes that range in thickness from 2.-2.5mm depending on the model and strength suited for each customer. Our top of the range canopies and toolboxes are a result of superior strength and durability made from 2.5m Aluminium. The under tray and small generators are made of 2mm aluminium which is most suitable for the size of these toolboxes because it is still light weight yet also heavy duty. When comparing the average industry products of undertray toolboxes and smaller toolboxes of 1.2-1.5mm, and 1.5-2mm for larger toolboxes and canopies, it is safe to say we manufacture some of strongest aluminium toolboxes at the most competitive prices on the market.
Many customers have been misinformed about how the thickness of checkerplate aluminium is measured. To accurately measure the thickness, it must be measured from the thinnest part of the material rather than the raised section, which often at times does get included, and while the customer is deceived into thinking their checker plate is 2.5mm in thickness, in actual fact it is less than 2.0mm.
Customers often ask if all their toolbox locks can be keyed alike for convenience- yes, we can, just let us know upon ordering. For online orders this can easily done by requesting it through the “delivery instructions”, when checking out.
Yes we have a large showroom in our Sydney warehouse where you can view and purchase on the spot.
Our aluminium toolboxes and canopies are made of superior 1060 Grade Aluminium which is convenient because it is lightweight but also durable to withstand even the toughest conditions.
We do not offer an installation service in-store, however we can suggest an installer located 50 meters from our warehouse.
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